Equipment Delivery

This week Mum is set to receive a bumper load of new equipment, giving her quality of life a much-appreciated boost.


Taking a Tumble

This week, Mum has become more acquainted with the floor than we'd like her to be.

Birthday Special

Saturday was my 23rd birthday, and I am so grateful I was able to spend it with my mum


Home is Where the Heart Is

Last week, Mum finally moved into an adapted, ground floor flat!


Here Comes the Bride

Congratulations to Mum and Tim, who married on Saturday 26th August 2017.


Fear is Psychological

Mum has to be fed through a tube directly into her stomach now. This week I had to learn how to use it.


Mother Pugger

How three hours of unrivalled joy were simply the culmination of three months of hope and excitement


MNDA AV Appeal

Association Visitors provide emotional support and practical guidance. Yet 80% of people with MND don't have one.


Emotions Are No Liability

For the last day of MND Awareness Month, I want to raise awareness of Emotional Lability.


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