A Call to Scrap Reassessments

On 28th February, campaigners braved the snow to protest reassessments in Parliament Square.


A Royal Appointment

On 22nd February, Mum and I were delighted to meet Princess Anne at an MNDA reception in London.

MNDA Parliamentary Reception 2017

My round-up of the MNDA Parliamentary Reception 2017


A Mother Cries

Mum and I attended the MNDA's 2017 Parliamentary Reception, where she met Charlotte Hawkins!


A Special Invitation

Please invite your MP to the Parliamentary Reception, to raise awareness of what they can do to support people with MND and their carers.


Cover Star

The surreal moment you walk into a corner shop and your bride-to-be Mum is smiling at you from the cover of a newspaper...


What Were You Doing Last Easter?

Four months have passed since the diagnosis. This is the impact it has.


MNDA AV Appeal

Association Visitors provide emotional support and practical guidance. Yet 80% of people with MND don't have one.


MND Global Awareness Day 2017

For MND Global Awareness Day, I share a recent anecdote which demonstrates the importance of talking and raising awareness.


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