Just Keep Smiling

I have recently signed up for Amazon Smile, a service which has apparently been around for a few years (@AmazonSmile joined Twitter in March 2012), but one I have never heard of.

I joined Amazon in 2011, and use it regularly. We find it particularly useful when Mum needs some new equipment quite quickly. More specialist equipment comes from the NHS, once recommended by the Occupational Therapist, but things like sock aids and shoe horns are easily available online. The prices are usually more affordable and one day delivery means if Mum needs a collapsible rollator, then it will be here tomorrow. Usually MND doesn’t give us much notice.

I saw on the MNDA’s Twitter account that they were registered on Amazon Smile, and immediately signed up.

All you need is a standard Amazon account. The trick is to remember to type in the URL smile.amazon.co.uk.

The first time it will ask you to select your chosen charity. If you, like me, do want to select the MNDA, then type in ‘Motor Neurone Disease’ and select the Northampton option. This is the account for the national charity – Northampton is simply where their head office is.

From then on, when you shop on smile.amazon.co.uk, 0.5% of the net sum of most purchases will be donated to the MNDA, at no extra cost to you. Simple!

I know 0.5% doesn’t seem like a lot, and I’m not going to encourage you to do all your shopping through Amazon Smile to increase the donation (no doubt what Amazon had in mind when they launch this scheme – have consumers emotionally invested in buying through their platform, plus nice tax relief benefits for all their lovely charity work).

However, if you do use Amazon to shop, there is certainly no harm in opting for Smile instead of the standard site. 0.5% of your purchases may be a few pennies at a time, but over time, and with more of us contributing, this will add up.

I know it’s not perfect, and there are certainly better and more efficient ways of fundraising. But this way, at least a little bit of your normal activity can help the MNDA. Where’s the harm in that?

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