Endless Days, Restless Nights

It is important to remember that everybody's experiences of MND are different. People react in different ways, all of which are perfectly legitimate. Personally, I find that the nights are the hardest. I've been doing so well lately. This blog was giving me more confidence, and I felt more able to talk about things. Mum... Continue Reading →

You Cannot Silence Me

What scares me the most about MND, is loneliness. The idea that you become trapped inside your own head and nobody else will ever hear your voice again. It must be incredibly lonely. Although my mum’s voice will never be the same again, at least I know she will not be silent. Today she got... Continue Reading →

Why Daffodils?

My header image is so beautiful. Daffodils are more commonly associated with the fight against cancer, but for me, they're my mum. I vividly remember sitting on tiny blue chairs in primary school; card, glue and tissue paper scattered across the tables; children fighting for materials. We’re making Mothers’ Day cards. And every year, the same... Continue Reading →

The World From Under Your Feet

You never expect to hear that someone you love is dying. You never expect to hear that there is a 0% chance of someone you love getting better. You never expect that phone call to come, and you can never anticipate how you will react. On Wednesday 19th April 2017, that phone call came. It... Continue Reading →

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